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Japan Tsunami. 

How the Japan Tsunami has effected the Auto Industry.

The auto industry has been forced to make a huge seismic shift due to the halt of manufacturing vehicles and car parts in Japan, with Toyota leading the way in supplying their vehicles in the Middle East and Africa, traders and consumers take it for granted that these vehicles are always ready and available with huge stockspiling through this region. The Toyota Land Cruiser being the most popular vehicle was the first of the vehicles to sell out, then the local traders and dealers in Dubai understood the severity of this, so some companies were holding back their stock until the right time, now the Land Cruiser hard tops price has increased by 30%.  Some are forced to cough up these inflated prices or look at alternative brands to fulfill there orders.

The Vehicle Converters managed to secure a certain amount of Land Cruisers before the price increase but now even we are offering alternative vehicles for the 4x4 Ambulances. With the Land Cruiser hard top dominating the sales in conflict zones and with oil companies, humanitarian agencies such as UN, Red Cross and Red Crescent, theyare now looking at vehicles such as Land Rover Defender, Ford Expedition or Nissan Patrol. With rumors floating around the industry, "Toyota’s production line is returning to normal", companies with large quantity orders are either changing brand or waiting for the market price to level out and come back to a normal price. Business is still strong and the demand of vehicles is high, along with a shortage of supply this will inevitably effect the price but it wont go on for ever, we at TVC know there are always solutions to be found.

As for those affected in Japan by the horrendous disasters, our thoughts are with you.

Written by;

Eliot Hopley

Company Director.