About Us:

The Vehicle Converters (TVC) has over 15 years experience in fabrication and conversion, we are the largest suppliers of speciality vehicles and customised units. We are able to provide a unique service and final product.

Our team can follow your plans and specifications, or design a custom unit to meet your specific requirement.

A recognised leader in fabrication, TVC works with the highest standard of components. We can build your required units to your exact specification, or design customised units to your specific application.

TVC is an industry leader in custom built fabrications for various industries. Whether its service industry, food and beverage, pet grooming, private camper van modifications or kiosks and event units, TVC has worked with a wide variety of Global companies.

TVC specialises in designing and building your custom process related units, to suit your needs. Our team has over a decade of experience working with various companies and private customers. That level of experience provides you with the comfort of knowing you will never have to worry about the quality and safety of your fabrications.

All industries are ever changing. Whether you are dealing with tight deadlines, budget constraints, or new business ideas, TVC understands the difficult demands put in front of today’s companies. Let our vast knowledge and experience go to work and help you succeed with any idea you may have in customised fabrications to help your business, or to bring to life your imagination.

We excel in helping all types of clients in any industry to create a mobile unit or any type of customised fabrication.


Dubai Office TEL: +971 4 320 7572
Mobile: +971 50 272 8764
Email: danny@thevehicleconverters.com