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Welcome to The Vehicle Converters

The Vehicle Converters (TVC) are a well established company with a solid reputation within the vehicle conversion industry. Our vast knowledge within the medical field and vehicle body building, gives us a huge advantage in this competitive market which we are positioned.

However, we are constantly receiving requests and delivering vehicles for many other sectors including; Banking, Military, Transportation/Cargo, Airline, Cargo, Public Transport and VIP vehicles.

Dubai - is the main trading hub in the Middle East for vehicles and medical equipment, our huge buying power and the extensive supply chain allows us to offer maximum cost effective purchasing power on behalf for our clients.


  • Armoured


    Armoured TVC are leaders in supplying Armoured vehicles, mobile workshops and various special purpose vehicles for military use, some vehicles are used within the oil and gas sector and the construction industry all around the Middle East and Africa along with other countries from the MENA region. ...
  • Refrigeration


    Refrigeration We are experts in building and converting vehicles, containers, trailers and mobile solutions for refrigeration and catering use, We supply such vehicles on a large or small scale. We assess your requirements and advise you on the most suitable design/concept for its use. We create pe...
  • Medical


    MEDICAL We understand territories, regions and sectors have specific requirements and needs for any type of medical transportation required.  That’s why over the years, our wide range of ambulances, mobile clinics and other medical transportation vehicles have successfully served various gover...
  • Fuel


    Fuel TVC’s manufacturing base is equipped with an experienced workforce of engineers using the finest craftsmanship and the latest technology providing the best in manufacturing vacuum and fuel tankers. We specialise in tankers built in stainless steel, and build the highest quality tankers as per ...
  • Campers | Touring

    Campers | Touring

    Campers | Touring Vehicles for off road, recreational and commercial use. TVC have custom solutions available for any make of vehicle, regular conversions are carried out to Land Rover, Mercedes, GMC, Nissan, Ford and Toyota as well as other vehicle brands which we convert into a superb camper vehi...

Latest News

Japan Tsunami. 

How the Japan Tsunami has effected the Auto Industry.

The auto industry has been forced to make a huge seismic shift due to the halt of manufacturing vehicles and car parts in Japan, with Toyota leading the way in supplying their vehicles in the Middle East and Africa, traders and consumers take it for granted that these vehicles are always ready and available with huge stockspiling through this region..... - read more